The 10 Most Toxic Forms of Control in Relationships

4)  Confusing

Gaslighting. Projecting, by accusing you of what they doing. Holding double standards that disfavor you. Claiming that you are the reason they act badly. Changing the subject or distracting you when you bring up an important topic.

5)  Badgering

Pressuring or overwhelming you. Interrogating you about where you have been, what you are thinking or how you spend money or time. Demanding sex or affection regardless of how you feel. Refusing to take “No” for an answer.Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships

6)  Denying

Refusing to take responsibility. Minimizing or making excuses for their destructive behavior. Pretending that everything is fine.

7)  Intimidating

Bullying you or going into a rage. Threatening to harm you or others. Threatening to leave. Physically gesturing or posturing in intrusive or menacing ways.

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