7 Success Tips From Self-Made Billionaires That Will Immediately Improve Your Life

If you need an inspiration intervention and want to take your success to the next level, billionaire entrepreneurs such as Oprah Winfrey, who came from next to nothing and made it to the top, are the perfect solution. These self-made billionaires offer actionable advice that you can use to accelerate your career and success, no matter where you are on the totem pole.

Start sprinkling these 7 tips into your routine today, and be amazed at how far they eventually take you:

1) “The best investment you can make is in your own abilities. Anything you can do to develop your own abilities or business is likely to be more productive.” — Warren Buffett

Treat your career as a business and yourself as your main product. You can’t sell a product that’s not appealing to consumers. In the same way, you can’t win your dream job if you don’t invest in yourself. Think of ways that will help you become more marketable, and do them for just five hours a week. Take classes, obtain a certification or degree, get that power suit, or learn a helpful language. Any enhancement gets you closer to your dreams.

2) “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” — Steve Jobs

Quite simply, going up the corporate ranks (or starting a billion-dollar business) does not happen to people who are comfortable with the status quo. Leaders constantly think of new ways to make situations better and are not afraid of going against the norm and leaving their comfort zone.

To start, every morning, make a list of what you can do to shake up the status quo and scare yourself slightly with a step towards improvement and innovation. Even if it doesn’t work every time, it’ll be a steppingstone towards bold success eventually.

3.) “I’m always looking for the right person to solve a problem. I only have so much time.” — Meg Whitman

With a net worth of $2.2 billion, Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman may be the supreme power that steers her company as the captain of the ship — but she also knows how to delegate. Being able to hand a project to able hands can help you devote your limited time to more urgent matters that require your ultimate focus and strength. You don’t need to be the savior of the world. Tap into your team’s or co-workers’ strengths and together you all become an essential part of your company’s success.

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