5 Tips for Having More Patience

As I spontaneously became infused with the idea for this piece, which is so often the way inspired writing is born, I was simultaneously and embarrassingly impatient over the simple fact that my internet connectivity was rather sluggish, crawling so slowly to the webpage I desired that it may as well have been going backward. I was so frustrated that I began clicking on the link over and over again with a heavy hand and a curse word, as if that would speed up the process. Go figure. I caught myself in my usual stubborn and persevering pattern of impatience, and I threw my head back partly in laughter and partly in an ah-ha! moment. With a sly smile on my face, “You’re funny,” I said to God aloud as if confronting a good friend who just punked me. I received the message.Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships

They say patience is a virtue, one that I admittedly and shamefully don’t have readily accessible. Before I was diagnosed with a progressive neurological disease, my life was never about the journey. It was all about bulldozing my way toward the end product, which I was incredible at, like a bull running full speed ahead at a matador, only stopping for instant to decide on the destructive path it should take. Today, my patience has certainly increased. Like an unfinished painting that I continue to add brushstrokes of brilliant color to, it’s not a finished product yet, but it is slowly and painstakingly taking form.Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships

Below are five tips for having more patience.

1. Self-Awareness – When you find yourself becoming frustrated and impatient, ask yourself, “Why am I being so impatient?” Is it because you fear you might be late? Are you multi-tasking too much? Do you feel out of control? Is it a generalized anxiety? Figuring out what your triggers are will allow you to move through your days with the self-awareness needed to squash impatience before it begins, or at the very least, recognize when you are being impatient and turn the situation around before it negatively affects you and those around you.

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