15 Reasons Serious Relationships Are the Absolute Best

I am a person who absolutely loved being single — I really did! I had a blast and I still get a little envious from time to time of my single friends who don’t have to plan their lives around another person. But after spending four years happily committed to someone, I realize there are some pretty badass things about being in a long-term relationship that you can’t get on your own.Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships

1. You always have someone to cook for. I am a diehard foodie and I love to cook. But cooking for one can be kind of a drag. All that work and all those leftovers got a little depressing for me at times. Honestly, I felt like a nut making entire batches of braised short ribs or a whole roast duck that ended up getting shared with the dogs. (Dogs do not appreciate how perfectly seasoned a sauce is, OK?) Getting a chance to serve jaw-dropping meals that took me ages to prepare for someone who absolutely loves them and admires all the hard work is a foodie’s dream come true. Plus, I have someone to share leftovers with besides my dogs. (Although my dogs are less happy about that one.)Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships

2. And vice-versa, there’s always someone to cook for you. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to stand over a hot stove and deal with a bunch of pots and pans and complicated ingredient lists. Even if his idea of “cooking” sometimes involves unwrapping a burrito and heating it up in the microwave for me, it’s wonderful to know that I have someone willing to jump up and take a load off my shoulders now and then.

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