10 Best Commuter Cars for US Roads You Need To Know

Many people think that if they need to save money on their daily fuel consumption that they must drive a boring, plain car. That’s simply not the case anymore since more and more stylish vehicles are also striving to be fuel-efficient. We’ve put together ten vehicles that aren’t just fun to drive, but each of these could also be considered to be the best commuter car.

We all know that hybrid and electric cars offer the best fuel mileage, but we wanted to go with regular gasoline cars for this article (minus one that we couldn’t resist). We also attempted to stick to reasonably priced vehicles for the most part. If you’re looking to save money on fuel, chances are you aren’t interested in spending that savings on the car itself. Now the hard part will be deciding which one is the best commuter car for your needs.

Finding the Best Commuter Car

How would someone pick the best commuter car? For people that use their car to drive back and forth from work every day, the vehicle starts to become like a living space. It’s bound to have lots of necessities that you need in your daily life and you’ll want something that also keeps you connected with the outside world.

As commuting times increase, one needs to think about more than just fuel economy. While we agree that’s important, it can’t be the only consideration. All of the cars placed in our list feature at least 30 mpg highway, but they also have so much more.

You want a car that features plenty of comfort, adequate cargo room, and some appealing interior features as well. Of course, a reasonable price is critical (but it’s okay to dream about #10).

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